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Seriously Simple Cryptos lets you participate in dozens of Crypto ICOs and Referral Offers. Claim your free allocations then promote them all with a single link, to earn cash commissions, bonus allocations and to multiply your holdings for serious capital growth.

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Keeping Cryptos Simple

Bitcoin is big news these days, not to mention all the other crypto currencies following in it's wake.

It seems there's a new ICO being announced every day... and we all know, any one of them could be the next Bitcoin.

So it's easy to see there's some high-potential investment opportunities out there... if you can just cut through the noise and find the right Alt Coins to back? 

But that's easier said than done... 

No matter how hard to try to stay on top of it, it's easy to panic that you might be missing out on the next big thing... 

Well that's where we can help! 

We do all the research and testing for you, so when we find a great new offer, all you have to do is register and claim your free coins

Even better, all of these crypto offers and ICOs have some sort of referral program built-in, so you can multiply your earning and your allocations, simply by sharing this one page. 

Regardless of your experience or expertise, you won't find an easier way to start building some serious holdings in dozens of high potential crypto currencies. 

Introducing  Seriously Simple Cryptos

Seven Ways To Grow Your Own Profitable Crypto Currency Portfolio

Free Crypto Giveaways

Just register and follow the prompts to claim your coin. Some of these can be spent immediately, though for most you'll have to wait for the ICO.

Free Tokens & Airdrops

Much the same, except these aren't a coin yet, so generally you get a whole lot more of them, and they're converted to the Alt Coin if the ICO is a success.

Bounty Programs

Earn entries by completing various bounty task. At the end of the promo, the tokens are allocated according to how many shares you have in the pool.

Initial Coin Offerings

All of these giveaways are connected with an ICO, so you can choose to reinvest some of your earnings... and if the ICO is a success, you could win big.

Bonuses & Commissions

You can also earn generous ICO bonuses and commissions without investing your own money, whenever your referrals invest in the ICOs instead.

Make Money Now!

Your portfolio also includes 3 powerful programs designed to leverage your efforts so you can generate immediate cashflow.

So Would 100,000 AltCoin Be A Good Start?

As soon as you set up your account you'll have well over 100,000 alt coins or tokens.

You can easily increase your holdings 3-4 times, simply by sharing your link.

So realistically, if even one of these does moderately well we're all going to be very happy...

But if a few of them really take off... well, that'll be life-changing!

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Don't Risk Being Left Behind!

We've Made This 100% Risk Free & Incredibly Simple, For Anyone Who's Serious.

What follows is a Simple 3-Step Process that anyone can follow, regardless of experience or expertise. If you can surf the web, fill out a form and post to social media, you can use this platform. It doesn't matter if you're a total Crypto Currency newbie... we'll walk you through it and get you up and running in not time at all...

Step 1. Register A FREE Account. This only takes a minute and we don't charge a cent for this service, so there's zero risk for you, and just a mile of upside...

Step 2. Save Your Program IDs. Claim your free Cryptos and Tokens, then save your unique referral ID's. This takes a little time and effort, but we walk you through it and offer tips & shortcuts to keep it simple.

Step 3. Promote Your Personal Link. You can choose to do as much or as little as you like... though once you see how easy we've made it... and the results you get... you'll probably want to do a whole lot more!


Frequently Asked Questions

Aren't A Lot of Crypto Schemes Just Scams...
You're right, that's a big part of why we set this up, because we got sick of all the ponzi schemes and outright scams. So we do our best to screen those out for you, and only include legit offers from solid businesses. 

Should I Invest In ICOs...
Only if you have funds you can afford to lose!  This is high risk high return investing, and there's always a chance an ICO could flop. 

How Do I Get Paid... 
Most of the offers will assign some Alt Coin or tokens to you in their own platform. After a successful  ICO you'll be able transfer those to an exchange or your own compatible wallet.  

What Exactly Is My Risk Exposure Here? 
The only thing you're risking here is a little time. There is no cost whatsoever to participate in our program, or in any of the 3rd party programs we recommend. 
You can choose to re-invest some of your earnings one or more of the ICOs, but you should do your own due diligence, and you should only use funds you can afford to lose. 

Isn't The Bitcoin Bubble Due To Burst? 
Sooner or later, the price of Bitcoin will have a significant drop and the skeptics will say the bubble has burst. The rest of us will see it for what it is... the early adopters booking some profits... and a good time to buy!

Either way, we're building holdings in a diverse portfolio of AltCoins. So the fortunes of one Coin can't really hurt us... though even one significant winner will have a major positive impact.

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