"Would You Invest 1 Dollar + 1 Hour To Launch A Business That Will Pay You Passive Income For Years To Come?"

Click below to launch your own One Dollar Dynasty today. You can create a complete passive income machine, no-money-down, as long as you're prepared to invest an hour and follow our 2 simple rules for compounding returns. It's all explained on the inside...

Launch Your One Dollar Dynasty Today!

If You Ever Thought $1 Programs Can't Be All That Profitable... Think Again!

One Dollar Programs are common enough, and you're right... most are NEVER going to generate a useful return for you... UNLESS you implement two simple systems. Do this right and everything changes, and these pocket-dynamos become extremely profitable and incredibly effective cash-machines!

You Do Need To Be Honest With Yourself Though...

Despite the all B.S. you'll read, if you want to make a useful income online you either need to spend some money or do some work to make it happen. There's no free-rides that are actually worth taking.

No one makes real money online until someone else spends it...

So anyone promising you instant riches with no investment and no work isn't being completely honest with you. Most of them are flogging some affiliate option that looks good on paper, but either has a hidden catch or is going to take some serious visitor traffic (work!) to generate any sales at all.

Most will never deliver anything close to the promised commissions.

So if you're not prepared to do some work and invest a little cash in an online business, then you're really not ready for anything like this. And you should probably stick with the day job.

The good news is, if you are serious, even if you don't have any cash to spare, there are options that will let you earn a small amount for free sign ups.

This means you can actually start with no-money-down and EARN your stake into a more profitable program.

We actually use 3 of these in our portfolio. They will never make you rich, but they do provide the means for ANYONE to launch a profitable and sustainable online business... but only if you're prepared to invest some time and effort instead.

The other big benefit of the One Dollar Programs is the low cost of entry.

You should never expect too much from a program that only costs a dollar, BUT the best programs know how to take your dollar and seriously maximise your returns. Especially if it's a recurring program and it allows you to scale up your investment from your initial profits.

These are the One Dollar Programs we LOVE!

The Low Cost of Entry means they are easy to promote... so you make a quick profit.

And the Automatic Re-Investment means that each time you scale up to a new level, your returns increase exponentially.

And because it's so Simple & Accessible your referrals will follow your lead, and that simple dollar you started with can soon become a lucrative, long-term passive income stream.

Best of all? When you set up your One Dollar Dynasty account we'll show you how to combine SIX of the best One Dollar Programs out there into a powerful portfolio system that you can easily promote with a single page.

Introducing the One Dollar Dynasty Portfolio

Six Ways To Grow A Profitable Online Portfolio Out Of Thin Air!

Earn Easy Commissions

This is free to join and pays you $1 for all free referrals, so we use this to generate some super fast cash that you can use to fund the rest of your portfolio. (Plus some BIG commissions later on!)

Freedom Dollar Project

One of the best $1 programs we've ever seen, this does everything we talked about above... easily affordable, converts very well and quietly scales you up in the background until your earnings take off.


This one is totally set-and-forget, and will churn out $1 payments pretty much indefinitely. We use it to generate some instant cashflow that you can reinvest in upgrades and/or paid traffic!

My $1 Business

Another great $1 program, this will scale up continuously in the background, building a serious recurring income over time... or you can seriously fast-track your progress by starting at a higher level!

The Weekly ICO

This also rewards you for your referrals, which we continuously rollover into Club-Shares... which each earn you a reliable return for 180 days. Reinvest some other commissions as well and watch it really take off...

Shur Ads

This is a great traffic source that's working extremely well with our offer, PLUS it pays you for free sign-ups AND has a lucrative affiliate matrix built-in. Reinvest some of your cashflow payouts for serious growth.

Are You Ready To Launch Your One Dollar Dynasty?

It takes less than a minute to create your account. After that we can have to set up and ready to promote in less than an hour. Even a single sign-up can make you money TODAY!

In fact, most of our Members get 20 or more sign-ups in their first week or so. By then they're seeing some really useful cash returns, so many switch over to paid promos... which save them time and generate even better results...

And the Dynasty Effect takes over...

This is where their portfolio takes on a life of it's own. The individual programs automatically scale-up their positions, their returns continue to grow, so their networks grow, which increases their profits exponentially.

Proving again and again that a single dollar really can change your life!

Launch Your Own One Dollar Dynasty Today!

Don't Waste Time Chasing Pipe-Dream Programs...

If you are ever going to succeed online you need to get real, buckle-down and invest some genuine time & effort... and cash... into a proven long-term plan.

It doesn't have to be difficult and it can happen quite quickly, as long as you're committed. So we've worked hard to made this 100% Risk Free & incredibly simple & accessible, for anyone who's serious about creating an online business.

What follows is a Simple 3-Step Process that anyone can follow, regardless of experience or expertise. If you can surf the web and fill out a form, you can use this system. It doesn't matter if you're a total newbie... we'll walk you through it and get you up and running in not time at all...

Step 1. Register A FREE Account. This only takes a minute and we don't charge a cent for this service, so there's zero risk for you, and just a mile of upside...

Step 2. Save Your Program IDs. Register an account with each of our SIX Portfolio Programs. Save your IDs back here and you're done. Most people will knock this step over in 30-60 minutes tops and we're here to help if you need assistance.

Step 3. Promote Your Personal Link. We help with this as well and as people join your network, you start to earn... even for the free members! Use those profits for upgrades and paid ads, and watch your One Dollar Dynasty take off!


Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get Paid... 
Some of the programs pay you directly into a PayPal account, others pay your commissions into a wallet on their site, and you can request a payout once you reach their minimum payout amount. Generally you should plan to leave those funds there for a couple of months, to pay your way into the successive levels.

This will make you a whole lot more if you can practice that lost art of delayed gratification!

Aren't A Lot of $1 Programs Just Scams?
You're right, that's a big part of why we set this up, so we could help you screen out the worst of them and focus on legit offers from solid businesses with a genuine product or service underlying the offer.

Can a $1 Investment Ever Amount To Anything Substantial?
Not without a lot of time and effort. So our system creates MULTIPLE income streams and takes your initial returns and keeps on RE-INVESTING them for you, so before long you're purchasing stakes that are worth $10, $20, $50 or more... which can really generate some serious profits!

What Exactly Is My Risk Exposure Here? 
If you choose to earn your initial stake, the only thing you're risking here is a little time. There is no cost whatsoever to participate in our program, or in any of the 3rd party programs we recommend. 

You can of course speed up the process significantly with a small upfront investment in one or more of the portfolio programs. These range from $1 to $10. You should do your own due diligence on any program you join, and you should only use funds you can afford to lose. 

How Much Can I Make Here?
A couple of the programs will pay you a dollar per free referral. Others pay a little less than that for a free sign-up but considerably more on the back-end. The rest use MLM systems to seriously ramp up your returns and they all suggest income in the 'thousands per month' range... if you build a substantial network.

So as a minimum, if you set this up and spend a couple of hours generating enough free traffic to get 20+ free signups, you should make about $50 on the front end.

When a few of your people repeat that process, it could increase your earnings by 3-5 times. By the time a few of their people repeat the process as well, things will really take off and you'll be able to start withdrawing some useful cash each month without impacting the growth of your business.

These are only estimates though, as it's difficult to predict how much any one random person might do... and one super-active member in your downline could easily outperform everyone else put together... so my general advice would be to simply stick at it and keep promoting. (You can always divert some of your profits to paid promos when you get sick of chasing free traffic!)

Realistically you should be prepared to work this for 2-4 months before you start taking too much cash out of the system. It's up to you obviously, but if you can leave your profits in to reinvest and scale-up to the next level, most of these programs have the potential to generate hundreds if not thousands for you, indefintiely, every single month after that.

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