Our Current Program List

Here's our current program list. Each one has been carefully researched and tested, and you'll also see that each one plays an important and unique role in our portfolio.

The goal here is to provide you with the tools to generate cash as quickly as possible, whether you're starting with $1 or $20... or with nothing at all. So you can join all these programs right now without spending a cent, and then start scaling up your operation as you start referring people to this program.

Please DO NOT attempt to join these programs from this page. Make sure you Register & Activate your account first, and then login to the Members Area to get started. You can Register Your Free Account Here.

That way you can promote ALL of these offers by sharing a single link to our site... and build your referrals in multiple programs for multiple income streams... fast!


This one might look a little complicated, but the way we use it is really simple... just register and grab your USERNAME and save it here.

You'll then get paid $1 for every person you refer you confirms their account. So if you don't have any money to spare right now, you can use those payments to fund all the steps that follow.

There are two catches though...

Your referrals must confirm their account and must be from tier one countries. So there is no value in paying for bulk sign ups or taking any other short cuts. Don't worry though, we'll show you how to generate legitimate sign-ups fast.

Secondly, you do need to reach a minimum of $20 of commissions before you can get a payout. So if you need this money for your set up, we recommend you sign up to EEC now and then start some promos ASAP... you can then come back later to complete the rest of the set up.

Earn Easy Commissions - Open Website

This is literally just one dollar to join, so I recommend you do everything you can to set it up NOW!

It's basically a paid MLM login-ad program. You pay your dollar a month and set up your ads, and then you get to work promoting using your One Dollar Dynasty page. You'll then get the exposure for your ads and commissions on your referrals.

It does take a little while to build up that initial momentum, but once you get a few people into your downline and start rolling over your commissions, it really takes off. There are other components to this one that we look at in more detail in the set up guide, but for now register an activate then save your USER ID here!

At time of writing there is a special offer to pay for six months up front and they'll extend your subscription to a full year. That's great value and highly recommended if you can spare it.

Freedom Dollar - Open Website

This is a simple low-cost program that buys you a large package of vouchers, coupons and benefits. It's just $1 to join, so 90-95% of our active members pay the upgrade immediately... so you want to get in as well before you start promoting!

This one also takes a little while to get moving and it is a recurring payment, so you probably want to plan to pay for a couple of months before your earnings cover it.

Once things do start to move for you though, it can really take off as everyone you bring in automatically cycles up through the various levels.

If you do activate the auto-upgrade feature, it will run quietly in the background, growing your network and using your commission to upgrade you to the next level as you qualify. Just be careful not to let your account lapse or you will lose your position in the network.

For now, register an account, pay your $1 and come back here to save your M1DB USERNAME.

Please Note: If you have trouble with the link below, it means your upline has let their account lapse. If that happens, you can enter our username: srsly ... in the page that opens but please only do that if you get an error from your sponsor's link!

My $1 Business - Open Website

Crypto Currencies

This is a combination traffic site that also lets you earn crypto currencies. So you can use it simply to advertise your links and leave it at that, or you can view some ads to earn credits, to buy a stake in each week's new ICO.

What I would recommend is that you consider the second OTO when you sign up. As part of their launch, that's currently a lifetime upgrade for just $10, which will get you extra advertising AND a share in every week's ICO. It is a bit speculative, but if they start to hit a few winners, it could really add up.

You do earn credits from referring new members, so simply promoting this One Dollar Dynamite program will eventually earn you enough to purchase some ICO shares, but the

For now, register a new account and copy your USERNAME into the form below, then take a few minutes to look over the site.

Weekly ICO - Open Website


On the surface this is a great advertising platform that would be worth joining for that alone, but it goes a whole lot further than that...

Anyone needing to raise a few dollars to get our program set up will find they can earn extra cash simply for referring new users to ShurAds... ie by promoting this program... plus there's a powerful advertiser-referral program built in that can ramp up your total earnings even further.

This one does cost a little more to get started... the basic package is $4.95 a month... though there is a free option if you want to leave that for later.

Best thing is to register, save your USERNAME here and then go back and check it out when you get a minute. Any purchase will enter you into the advertisers matrix, which progresses automatically in the background, so I do recommend you upgrade as soon as you have the funds available.

Even if you don't upgrade just yet, be sure to set up your ads, as they gurarntee you 100% views and they are currently converting really well!

ShurAds - Open Website

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